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“The richest person in the world, in fact all the riches in the world couldn't provide you with anything like the endless, incredible loot available at your local library.”

–Malcolm Forbes

Libraries Are A Good Investment...And A Bargain, Too!

The Timberland Regional Libraries (TRL) provide excellent return on community investment. Check out the Value Calculator at Timberland's website (TRL.org) to determine the library's value to you and your family. Investing in libraries is an investment in education, individual success, and lifelong learning. At Timberland, the average taxpayer cost is $31 per year, the cost of a hardcover book or a few coffees at your favorite coffee shop!

Libraries Are Important In A Digital Age

Libraries and the Internet complement each other, just as radio complements television, film complements videos, and email is complemented by phone conversations. TRL has embraced technology, providing everyone free access to computers, the Internet and electronic devices and materials. Computer use is at an all time high and for the third consecutive year, checkouts for downloadable audio books, e-books, movies and music has nearly doubled.

Public Libraries Build Great Communities

Libraries are more than a collection of books and more than bricks and mortar. Your library brings people and information together in the journey of lifelong learning. It's the only democratic institution that provides free and equal access to information for people of all ages and backgrounds, in communities large and small. For children, it's a magical place to learn, read and have fun; for those out of work, it provides training and access to job databases; for the business owner, it provides technical help; and there's guidance for the do-it-yourselfer, too. For all, it is a place of discovery! At Timberland, there was a 25% increase in library usage last year, with over 3,000,000 visitors coming through our doors.

Libraries Give The Community Access To Trained Staff

Trained library staff delivers dependable and professional services, such as answering that difficult question and linking people with the resources they seek. At TRL alone, over 602,840 reference questions were answered last year. In addition, there are librarians with expertise in everything from early childhood learning to the special needs and interests of seniors. In 2011, TRL staff developed over 3,800 events and programs serving more than 60,000 children, teens and adults.

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