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Dear Donor,

After much deliberation, the Board of Director of The Timberland Regional Library Foundation has decided to close its doors at the end of the year. As friends of our organization, it is important to inform you of our difficult decision to dissolve our organization. Our hard working board has tried to maintain an active organization, but, without sufficient staff, office space and a solid presence in all five counties, we are unable to continue our important work.

Fortunately there are still ways to financially support our wonderful library system by donating directly to The Friends of your local library or through a philanthropic gift to the entire Timberland system, either restricted or restricted for a special purpose.

We are proud of your support of the many special projects that has benefited the libraries and patrons in The Timberland Regional Library family and are thankful for your generosity in making such gifts possible. Be advised that as we pass our records over to the TRL administration offices, we will ensure that your private donor information will continue to remain confidential.

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